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How do I apply for an ETSO authorization?


Applications can be of two types:

  1. An application from an EU organization for the EASA approval of a new ETSOA. This requires that the applicant has at least applied for Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approvals (ADOA) and a Production Organisation Approval (POA). ETSO applications for APU require a DOA.
  2. An application from a non-EU organization for the EASA validation of a non-EU part approval. The application must be made in accordance with any Working Arrangement or Bilateral Agreement. If these are missing the application will be considered as a new ETSOA and the organisational requirements mentioned in paragraph 1 will apply. 

Applications for ETSOA are made via the EASA Applicant Portal by creating a new application and selecting ETSOA - Initial Approval. Form 34 can be used in exceptional circumstances; its use should be limited only to cases when submittal of the application via the Applicant Portal is not possible. 

Compliance with the applicable ETSO – standard(s) as well as Part 21 shall be stated in a DDP (Declaration of Design and Performance). Form 35 is no longer used.

All technical documents should be submitted for the ETSO applications received at EASA after 1 June 2019 only via the Sepiac tool. For the ETSO applications submitted to EASA before 1 June 2019 the technical documentation can be still sent via mail to the relevant PCM (if the size is less than 10 MB)  or via the EASA Filebox  to  the responsible PCM with etsoa [at] easa.europa.eu (etsoa[at]easa[dot]europa[dot]eu) in copy in a zip format quoting the task number of the application. You might consider attaching the Certification Programme in one of the first packages of technical documentation you send to EASA.  

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