FAQ n.19190

Could the European Central Question Bank be published?


The Agency is the administrator of the European Central Question Bank (ECQB).

Taking into account that:

  1. Ownership of the copyright of the ECQB database is vested to the European Aviation Safety Agency; and
  2. Ownership of the contents of the database remains vested to its respective owners; and
  3. The possession, management and administration of the contents of the database have been fully vested in the hands of the Agency; and
  4. The contents of the database are confidential and have been treated as such without interruption.

The Agency, acting in the capacity of copyright owner and administrator of the database, enjoys the exclusive right among others, to prevent temporary or permanent reproduction by any means and in any form, as well as to prevent any form of distribution to the public of the database or of copies thereof.

It is the opinion of the Agency that such reproduction and distribution would endanger the functionality and integrity of the applicable examination system and would invalidate the associated substantial investment in both intellectual and monetary terms.

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