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How can a third country (non-EU) licence be converted into a Part-FCL licence?


For conversion of third country licences, the provisions of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/723 of 4 March 2020 are applicable. That Regulation sets out possible credits and experience requirements, when seeking a Part-FCL licence on the basis of a third-country licence.
National Competent authorities of the EASA Member States are responsible for the conversion of third country licences. Therefore, the national aviation authority of the Member State where an applicant resides or wishes to work should be contacted for further information concerning the applicable acceptance requirements.

To find a list of the national competent authorities (NAAs), please visit the EASA member states page.
To access the different national competent authorities, you should: 
1. select the tab ''EASA Member State'';
2. select the MS to be contacted;
3. select the hyperlink to the authority website under the 'Related Content' tab.

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