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What should be the content of the OJT procedure in MOE chapter 3.15?


As agreed during the Standardisation Meeting with the competent authorities, as a minimum, the OJT procedure should describe the following elements:

  • Content of the OJT: the list of tasks that should be performed during the OJT or a list of generic tasks and the process how to develop a list of particular tasks out of this list of generic tasks,
  • Qualifications of the assessor and supervisors performing the OJT,
  • OJT logbook/worksheets format and content,
  • OJT compliance report format and content,
  • Production planning for the implementation of OJT (how to plan the tasks),
  • Supervision process and the assessment process, what to do if the assessment is not positive,
  • Safe release to service of the aircraft after OJT.

Note: AMC to Section 6. of Appendix III to Part-66 should be used when defining the content of the procedure.

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