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Design Approval: FAA Supplementary Type Certificates (STC) approved by National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) before 28-09-03 are deemed to be approved by EASA. If the NAA has limited the approval in scope compared to the original FAA STC such that it does not cover all the models, how can we apply for an extension of the scope?


Any model, derivate or configuration not included within the ‘Grandfathered’ STC will need an approval by EASA or accepted through the provisions of the EU/US BASA (and TIP).  The FAA would have to examine the differences between the FAA STC and the EASA/NAA STC and classify the modification as either ‘Basic’ or ‘Non-Basic’ in accordance with the TIP.  ‘Basic’ modifications are accepted under the TIP and there would be no re-issue of an EASA STC. ‘Non-Basic’ modifications require an application to EASA, through the FAA.  Minor modifications are also accepted through provisions of the BASA/TIP and no EASA approval is issued.

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