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What credit can I get as regards Subject 090 Communications for my IR, CPL or ATPL(H)/VFR?


Regulation (EU) 2018/1974 extended the scope of the training & examination on communications for the CPL(A) and CPL(H) (and the ATPL(H)/VFR) from only VFR to both VFR and IFR. Likewise, it extended the scope of communications for the instrument rating from just IFR to both VFR and IFR. Applicants applying for a CPL or ATPL who already hold an IR can be credited towards Subject 090 Communications, if they sat that specific exam. Such credit can also be given to the IR holder who completed ECQB-based exams for Subjects “VFR Communications” and “IFR Communications”. If the applicant only completed “IFR Communications” then no credit for the exam is available. A similar case applies to applicants holding a CPL or ATPL(H)/VFR applying for an IR: credit towards Subject 090 is available, except for where the applicant only holds a pass in “VFR Communications”.

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