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How does a Part 145 Maintenance Organisation know, if a Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) is released / approved by the design approval holder (DAH)?


A CMM is becoming ICA only when identified as such by the DAH - see AMC2 21.A.7(a), point (b)

When a CMM is identified as ICA, the DAH should perform the necessary verifications as for any other ICAs, however may choose to rely, in whole or in part, on the supplier’s process under certain conditions - see AMC3 21.A.7(a). The provision '[...] may carry out a complete check[...]' should not be seen out of its context. In the case the DAH is not doing the check they are relying on their supplier to do this check (to say this differently: the DAH will authorise the supplier to do the check). The activity will be controlled under 'supplier control  processes'.  Similar methodology may be used for non-ICA supplier data but referenced together with the ICA - see GM3 21.A.7(a). For other non-ICA supplier data not referenced, but which can be used, the acceptability methodology is not further defined in GM3 21.A.7(a), however, this acceptability status may be documented in the form of a list.

The identification of the approval status of the manual for a component or article through a 21.A.265(h) statement in the CMM is not preferred as one CMM may potentially be recognised by several DAHs (e.g. same equipment used by different TCHs). However, this approval status may be then displayed on the level of a list  - see GM3 21.A.7(b).

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