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With reference to GM1 21.A.90C, what is meant by the terminology “to provide alternatives”?


The GM1 21.A.90C states:
'Changes to the ICA are considered to be stand-alone changes when they are not directly prepared together with a change to the type design. Stand-alone changes to the ICA are usually prepared and issued, for example, for the purpose of making corrections, improvements, to include feedback from users, or to provide alternatives

'to provide alternatives' should be understood, for example, to provide alternative ways to execute certain tasks.

It is to be noted that AMC2 21.A.7(a) is mentioning 'additional or optional maintenance information'. The distinction between such information and 'alternative' may not always be clear and the DAH should clarify this by indicating if the 'alternative' is ICA or is actually non-ICA. This distinction will dictate the treatment under 21.A.7 requirements or not (e.g. availability).

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