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With reference to GM1 21.A.90C Stand-alone changes "[...] When a non-ALS ICA change is triggered by a change to the type design, this does not affect the overall classification of the type certificate change as per point 21.A.91 […]." What is the purpose of this paragraph?


This is a simplification. For non-ALS ICA update/amendments resulting or done as part of a physical/functional change, this would not have in itself an impact on the classification of this change to type certificate - e.g. if the type certificate change is minor (based on the design / functional criteria) it remains minor regardless the impact on non-ALS ICAs.

However, as a stand-alone non-ALS ICA change this may have an impact on the classification (see Appendix A to GM 21.A.91 Examples of major changes per discipline).

Note: For an ALS ICA update (either as standalone or as part of a change) this will typically trigger the major classification.

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