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Case of a company being the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - so supplier for a Type Certificate Holder (TCH) - and having their own DOA. If we take the example of the Component Maintenance Manual (CMM), provided that the CMM is in that case considered as an ICA, could you clarify if the OEM DOA can or cannot make changes to the CMM using e.g. Part 21 / Subpart E?


The supplier DOA cannot make a stand alone change to the CMM under Subpart E. According to 21.A.90C(b) such stand-alone changes can be made only by the DAH (in this case the TCH).

However, if the DAH has identified the specific CMM as ICA, they may also recognise the updated CMM as ICA (refer also to AMC3 21.A.7(a) DAH responsibility to check the supplier data which is part of the ICA or referenced with the ICA).

If the change to the CMM is not recognised as ICA, it may still be 'acceptable' for the DAH. When the DAH confirms this (see GM3 21.A.7(a)) the respective change to the CMM can be considered applicable maintenance data under M.A.401(b)(4).

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