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How should I reflect in the flight plan the status of my aircraft that are benefiting from the transitional arrangements?


The appropriate equipage and operational status, including the correct designator for the functioning surveillance systems, should be inserted in items 10b and 18 of the flight plan accordingly.

Operators of aircraft, which are not equipped with Mode S EHS and/or ADS-B out, making use of the retrofit programme deferral provision, should insert the designators SUR/EUADSBX or SUR/EUEHSX or a combination thereof, in Item 18 of the flight plan. 

For information on the correct designators to be used for the functioning surveillance systems, to be indicated in item 10b of the flight plan, please refer to Commission Regulation (EC) No 1033/2006.

For further information, please check AMC1 Article 14a Flight Plans.

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