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Does the SPI IR allow for any exemptions from the mandatory equipage requirements?


There are no exemptions possibilities provided for in the SPI IR.

Although some stakeholders would refer to them as equipage ‘exemptions’, Article 5(5) provides some relief from compliance with the ADS-B out and with ADS-B out and EHS (for fixed wing aircraft) requirements for aircraft with a maximum certified take-off mass exceeding 5700 kg or with a max cruising true air speed greater than 250 kts,  when the aircraft meets at least one of the following conditions:

  • aircraft received their first CofA prior to 7 June 1995,
  • aircraft are flown to undergo maintenance, 
  • aircraft are flown for export,
  • aircraft operation ceases in the Single European Sky by 31 October 2025.

It should be noted that for all the above cases, compliance with Mode S ELS equipage is required, in accordance with Article 5(5) (a).

Further details are provided in the GM4 Article 5 Interoperability requirements.

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