NPA 2023-104

Regular update of regulations regarding pilot training, testing and checking, and the related oversight

The purpose of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to reconsult with the EASA Advisory Bodies (ABs) specific proposed amendments to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 (‘Aircrew Regulation’) and to related guidance material (GM). Those proposed amendments, which were initially consulted with the EASA ABs during a focused consultation (21-23 June 2022) and were significantly revised based on comments that were received during and after the consultation, address the following topics:

— licence endorsements of privileges for multi-pilot operation in single-pilot aeroplanes;

— landing training (type rating training);

— use of flight simulation training devices for training, testing and checking;

— content of the commercial pilot licence skill test; and

— instrument rating revalidation with restricted performance-based navigation privileges.

Moreover, this NPA contains additional non-controversial proposed amendments, which were introduced following further EASA reviews. This NPA also informs about those proposed amendments that were presented during the focused consultation but are no longer considered relevant for this rulemaking task. The proposed regulatory material is expected to improve the clarity and proportionality of existing requirements.