Traffic Info from ATS ADS-B Traffic Display helps avoid collision at North Weald

Steve Hutt • 14 February 2020
in community General Aviation

“without the ADS-B trial at North Weald it was unlikely that the AGO would have seen the Quik early enough to provide Traffic Information”

On 2nd August 2019, the ADS-B Traffic Display provided to North Weald airfield as part of the Airspace4All GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial showed its worth when it played a part in helping to avoid a mid-air collision.

UK Airprox Board “members quickly agreed that the call from the [North Weald] AGO had successfully enabled the C150 pilot to take timely and effective avoiding action, which ensured that there had been no risk of collision”. The AGO and the pilot had reviewed the incident on the video recording of the ADS-B Traffic Display and agreed to raise the airprox report.

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