Technology for Pilots - Video 1 EASA talk to FlySto at Aero 2023

John Franklin • 7 June 2023
in community General Aviation

🎥 Check out our first video on cool technology for pilot's that we filmed at the AERO GA Show with FlySto! ✈️✨

There are amazing tools that blend cutting-edge technology and also safety benefits to help make flying fun and easy 🚀

FlySto is a great debriefing tool that will help you to take your flying skills to the next level 🌤️⚡️ Tools like these were only available to airline pilots but now this cool technology can be used by GA pilots as well.

Watch the video now and prepare to be amazed! Don't forget to also follow our new Aviator's Club Youtube Channel and download our EASA Debriefing Cards to use in your next flight.

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