Sunny Swift Issue 10

Dominique Roland • 13 February 2019
in community General Aviation

Dear friends,

Time flies… We are already publishing the 10th issue of Sunny. This month we want to promote the sharing of experiences between pilots in the GA community. The example presented here should be a source of inspiration for many clubs.  We know that some clubs have already implemented this kind of information sharing meeting, where club members are invited to share stories that luckily ended up positively, but that no one would like to happen to them again.

We would love to know if you already organise this kind of meeting and if you find that they help to create a positive safety impact within your clubs and associations!  Join in the discussions on the EASA GA Community site and tell us more about your experiences.  Don’t forget to EASA on Facebook so that always keep in touch with Sunny and all the other exciting Safety Promotion work we are engaged in.

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Jürgen Leukefeld

Dear Dominique,

not only me but surely many pilots agree to the principle behind this idea. We must get away from tales told by heroes at the bar counter what all has happened and how they covered it, moving to a culture were everybody feels free to Report what experiences he/she/it has made and from which considerations useful for the community have been drawn.

"Feeling free" means free from penalisation, and when it turns to "occurences", anonymous. The latter meaning: no name, callsign, day (only phase of day) no place, ... only type of aircraft, phase of flight, load Situation, experience to share, ...

EASA based and domentic reporting Systems always include possible penalisation in case a rule has been affected. This leads to many occurences beeing unreported.

Beside such official data base (and only one on EASA-server, no domestic ones aside) we need an second one, anonymous, accessable for everybody holding a licence.

Kind regards and carry on doing a good Job!

Dominique Roland

Dear Jürgen,

Good to read you here!

I suppose you are making reference to regulations 376/2014 and to the reporting portal established by the Commission (not EASA).
The scope of this story is not directly linked to the occurrence reporting requirements... But as far as I know, and I just checked with the French process, the report is not identified. You are not invited to give your name.
Is it different in Germany?



Just a quick word to reinforce the personal protections afforded by the occurrence reporting process. No personal details are stored with the occurrence and there is not even a field to do that in the database. Just Culture is not always applied perfectly but we are keen to continually learn and improve the situation for the good of safety.

Florian Vogt

Hi Dominique,

I am a member of such an experience exchange, which takes place regularly, organised by a non controlled aerodrome operator within the region of Bremen, Germany.
Every third tuesday there is an evening get together for everyone who is interested. It is very fruitful and members of aerosportclubs, ATO/DTO, FI/FE, student pilots, private owners, ATC, aerodrome opertor and NAA come together.

Almost every time there is a short speech of an expert (subjects like flight planning software, Part-FCL, Part-Med, etc.) followed by an discussion.

I can recommend it.
Just culture and safety culture are very important and a mindchange has to be promoted. Such experience exchanges are a good tool for promotion.

And Sunny Swift is a good tool to remember basic flying issues and to think about it! Congratulations for that and keep it up!

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