Sunny Swift Issue 10

Dominique Roland • 13 February 2019
in community General Aviation

Dear friends,

Time flies… We are already publishing the 10th issue of Sunny. This month we want to promote the sharing of experiences between pilots in the GA community. The example presented here should be a source of inspiration for many clubs.  We know that some clubs have already implemented this kind of information sharing meeting, where club members are invited to share stories that luckily ended up positively, but that no one would like to happen to them again.

We would love to know if you already organise this kind of meeting and if you find that they help to create a positive safety impact within your clubs and associations!  Join in the discussions on the EASA GA Community site and tell us more about your experiences.  Don’t forget to EASA on Facebook so that always keep in touch with Sunny and all the other exciting Safety Promotion work we are engaged in.