Sunny Swift Episode 37 - Stay in your Comfort Zone

John Franklin • 16 December 2022
in community General Aviation
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A safe and enjoyable flight takes effort and preparation and it also helps you enjoy the flight more! Do not face challenges alone and ask for support when you prepare your flights, especially if never done such flights before. Transform your flying club into a learning centre where all pilots share their experiences and pilots with the greatest experience will help others. Use our briefing cards to help prepare for your flight and assess how it went after you land.

Access Sunny Swift Episode 37 in all EU languages on the EASA Website here

Sunny Swift 37


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Raymond Brown

Brillant piece of art and extremely informative! Especially when flying to coastal areas and islands don’t forget to check Webcams. Fog moving horizontally over water is not easy to forecast. Stay safe!
Ray Brown,

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