Sunny Swift Edition 32 - Balloons Special: Flying should be fun

Ross INWOOD • 14 July 2021
in community General Aviation

When ballooning, flying in the right weather conditions is vital to a safe and enjoyable flight. Every balloon pilot will have their own story of a weather situation where things became a little more frightening than they had expected when they took off. In our Sunny Swift Balloon Special we cover this precise situation. The decision to fly, or not to fly, is one of the most important decisions taken during any flight – never be concerned about cancelling the flight if things don’t look good. A small inconvenience is better than having to deal with a difficult landing in unpredictable weather conditions. You could use this episode as an information handout for passengers when considering if it is better to cancel a flight.

Access all the different language versions of Sunny Swift Issue 32 - Balloons Special via the downloads section of the main EASA website.

Sunny Swift Issue 32 - Balloons Special



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