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Florian Rhyn • 15 July 2019
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I repeatedly hear of complaints that the soft law (AMC/GM) for general aviation is not available in languages other than English. Especially in the sailplane and balloon domains this is a major hurdle for pilots to have a deeper understanding of the rules that apply to them. Due to their operating environment in mostly uncontrolled airspace, English is--rightfully so--not part of their pilot training.

Will EASA provide soft law translations for the light general aviation domain in the future?

This might be a key aspect in order to make the rules truly accessible to all.

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Bartosz Fibingier

This is very true.
In CAT OPS, English is the unwritten rule, but in GA, the release of the soft law only in English limits dramatically its accessibility to a larger population. Maybe some kind of cooperation with NAAs would make it more feasible.

Jannes Neumann

I perfectly understand the point, which is in discussion as long as EASA exists. Unfortunately, EASA has no access to the translation service of the Commission, nor has EASA been assigned the resources to translate soft law.
Some NAAs and Federations (Aero Clubs) provide translations of essential documents already. Something we very much appreciate.
We are about to enter in a cool-down period for rulemaking related to GA now. E.g. we expect that there is no need to touch Sailplane OPS the next ten years. Consequently, I would expect that more and more training books related to EU air law will be published.

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