Sailplane OPS applies as of today

Jannes Neumann • 9 July 2019
in community General Aviation

The Regulation, (EU) 2018/1976, for air operations with sailplanes applies as of today, 9 July. This new regulation replaces the sailplane specific rules of Part-NCO and Part-CAT(S) of the Air OPS regulation. In course of the GA Roadmap, it has been developed to support sport and recreational aviation with simple and proportionate rules.

In the same way, new rules dedicated to gliding have been developed for sailplane pilot licensing (Part-SFCL) and submitted to the EU Commission for its adoption.

The Sailplane OPS rules have been made available as part of the Sailplane Rule Book. It comes with the related Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM), displayed in a consolidated, easy-to-read format with advanced navigation features through links and bookmarks.

Download: Sailplane Rule Book

Touring Motor Glider

Note: The Sailplane OPS rules apply to the operation of sailplanes and powered sailplanes including Touring Motor Glider (TMG). The rules apply as well in case a TMG is operated by a pilot holding a PPL(A) or LAPL(A).



Additional information at national level:


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