Parachuting and Skydiving

John FRANKLIN • 25 February 2021
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On 25 February 2021, a Skydiving Workshop was organised to help start discussions and collaboration with the parachuting community.  This page has since been set up at the to provide a central hub of information on parachuting and skydiving.

Workshop presentations and material

In the meantime, you can access all the information and presentations from the workshop on the EASA Website. Please download the presentations and use the material to help improve safety.  We will now start to work with the Skydiving community to develop more promotional material - if you think of anything specific that you would like to have, let us know in the comments below.  

Parachuting Ops Manual

During the workshop Jani Hottola from Traficom Finland gave a presentation that included the sample Parachuting Ops Manual. You can download a PDF version from the bottom of this page. If you like a word version that you can edit for your own purposes please email us at so that we can send it to you along with the various supporting information. 

EASA SIB on Use of Restraints in Parachtuing Operations

Here is the link to the EASA SIB that was discussed during the Workshop. 


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Boudewijn Deuss

Dear Andreas, what we can and cannot do as EASA is actually controlled by the Basic Regulation, and we are not the authority for skydivers. We however did feel we should raise awareness and cooperation on this subject, that's why we organised this safety promotion workshop. And as you see, we remain involved...

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