One in regard to FCL.025 applicant definition • 3 January 2022
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During the last theoretical examination period in 9A NAA ( 08.11. to 17.11.2021.the local national "Covid HQ" changed the rules covering access to public bodies demanding the "Covid pass" (means 72 h PCR or 48 h Antigen test or 2 x vaccination within terms) with exclusion of all students on Primary, Secondary and University level.

The date of change was within above period, starting 16.11. and public announcement was Friday mid day on 12.11. affecting whole nation public sector - means almost impossible to have test on time because of pressure on testing centers.

The decision of in regard to FCL.025 that applicant is not the student pilot, despite that near FCL.020 declaring student pilot along the several other references within the same FCL regulation. Therefore all applicants on 16.11. and on including 2022. must have the valid "Covid pass".

The question is: Why the applicant is not student (pilot)?

Or the decision of may be not in accordance to EU Regulations?

All comments and contributions are more than welcome.




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Axel-Stéphane Smorgrav

This most likely has nothing to do with aeronautical regulations, but with Hungarian health regulations, the Hungarian education system, and who is considered to be a student in regards to the health regulations.

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