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Steve Devereux • 7 August 2019
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Over regulation destroyed most of the light twin fleet, with perfectly viable aircraft scrapped due to the cost of burdensome rules.  The result was that the only way for those without serious amounts of spare money to fly MEP was to get a US licence and fly on the N register.  I would like to communicate with other lapsed, current and want-to-be multi engine pilots primarily to find an aircraft to fly or to share.

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Steve Devereux

Years ago I had a UK PPL-Multi-IMC rating and a US PPL-Multi-IR based on the UK licence. The Multi IR lapsed because it became impossible to find ME aircraft to fly. I want to contact anyone who can help - I'd like to either rent or buy a share in a ME aircraft, get re-certified for MEP-IR. There's no point in spending time and money to get re-certified without an aircraft to fly. If it's on the N register then I'll go that route. If there were 4 or 5 pilots who were interested in buying a shared aircraft within Europe, that'd be great. I live near Pau in SW France but am willing to travel within France, Spain or bordering countries.

Thomas Dietrich

The whole approach from the then young EASA by implementing more ore less a rule for all planes was ended in a bureaucracy monster killing many parts of GA. Oh, sorry that could not been foreseen? It could, with todays EASA stuff that would not happened. BTW although I am a EASA flight examiner, and owning different planes, I only have one on EASA registry. It simple sucks. Hopefully part ML is in effect soon.

Steve Devereux

The Twin Cessna Flyers sent my email around their European members yesterday. I've had 3 replies already from people who have a twin and who would consider renting it out. One is EU registered, one N reg, the other didn't say so I"ve asked. I think the best solution for me will be to find an N registered twin, go to the States for a month and get everything on an American airman certificate. It'll be cheaper to rent an N reg aircraft as it doesn't have to comply with our local regs and it'll be cheaper to fly there and get the ratings sorted out than doing it in the EU. So - we will see. I still like the idea of getting a group of maybe 4 or 5 pilots together to buy and share an N reg twin.

Well you gave the answer yourself, there are enough n-regs on offer. Get an affordable one (either DOC low such as Tecnam 2006T) or an PA-23 with two O320s with mogas STC. Just my 2 cents....

Steve Devereux

I can't afford to buy one outright and as I work away from Europe for 6 x 1 month trips. With courses and holidays I'm in Europe for 18-20 weeks a year meaning it would stand idle for 32-34 weeks a year. It makes no sense right now to buy one unless I could get a group together. I've tried to get a group together - had no expressions of interest so far.

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