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Thomas Dietrich • 27 June 2019
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Since mountain flying is my passion and being a MI and MOU FE I started a DTO for the MOU rating. We mainly operate out of Bolzano with a Husky. Part FCL describes how what the requirements are for the MOU rating to be maintained, but it looks as if the license can not be endorsed by hand to validate the rating for another period.



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Thomas Dietrich

Steven I am on vacation flying the Dolomites, will get back to you later. In general it depends a lot on your skills and previous experience how long a MOU rating takes. Between 4 and 20 hrs. It is good for 3 years and you need to do a minimum of 6 landings if I recall reight to have it renewed. This is a very low requirement.

Jozef Jankovic

Flying the Dolomites looks like close to Belluno, my favorite airfield :)
What are airstrips around where MOU rating is necessary?
How do you handle with "microlight" category regarding this rating if we have MTOW 600kg?

Thomas Dietrich

Josef, best join the AIPM the italian mountain pilot assossiation. they have all the site plates. Close to belluno are: moldoi,pez, tignes, balkon, sella, monte casale, balbido, termon and some more. For ulms no mou rating required by law, but stronglx recommended. Or have a good source for spare parts and health insurance.

Thomas Dietrich

Jozef, sorry but I disagree with the Slepcev Storch being the right plane for MOU training. Why? It has not enough mass ans speed, both resulting in a low energy device. The MOu rating will allow you to land a PC12 or a Mooneys on the altiports. Energy managenent for MOU training is essential. Thats why I´ d rather use aircraft with higher cinetic energy than a slow Ultralight.

Jozef Jankovic

Well, I can understand your point of view. But PC12 is not my cup of tea ... too expensive for me. Mooney is fine but probably not really suitable for such utilization as a standard.
For me Piper Cub, Super Cub, Rebel are more close to my understanding. Ultralight is new, modern, popular term due to legal reasons / Piper Cub is simply proven aircraft - and Slepcev Storch is quite close to it. Low energy device - that's correct term. But energy management is essential in this case as well. Sometimes even more then one can expect. Sort of refinement of skills. The same as tail-dragger operations. :)

Thomas Dietrich

Referring to the MOU rating I have a question to EASA.
A license holder with a MOU rating skis and wheels, having more than the required 6 landings on MOU terrains is approaching the end of the 3 year validity of the MOU rating.

How should it be revalidated, prolonged, continued? Can it be endorsed with a new validity date on the backside of the license by a FI MOU ( MI ) or FE if the current flights are documented? Or does the competent authority need to issue a new license with new exp dates?

Thanks you EASA FCL team for an answer.

Thomas Dietrich

After 5 Month waiting still no answer or anything in the AMcs. To revalidate the MOU rating the license needs to be reissued. Could you ladies and gents at EASA solve this problem in due time. It was first adressed to you 3 years ago.

Thomas Dietrich

Could you guys working for EASA please state how the MOU rating has to be revalidated in the license if the minimum landings were made. Thanks

Christian KUCHER

Dear Mr Dietrich,

thank you for your comment. For specific technical requests to EASA, we recommend to use our functional mailbox

As regards your question, we confirm that the requirements for the revalidation of mountain ratings are currently under review with the ongoing rulemaking task (RMT) RMT.0678. We understand point FCL.815(e) of Part-FCL, as written today, in such way that revalidating the mountain rating with experience (point (e)(1) of point FCL.815(e)) will require the competent authority to endorse a new expiry date.

We hope this helps.

Best regards
Christian Kucher

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