Miles Hawk Major M2H back to life

Marc from AVIAZE • 3 November 2019
in community General Aviation

Hey fellow pilots and friends! I just wanted to share my excitement with you. The Miles MH2 Hawk Major s/n 172 is nearly fully restored. The original remains were recovered by my dad more than 30 years ago and now we are close to have it ready to fly. This 1934 bird participated in the Spanish Civil war on both sides. Republicans dropped handbombs from the cockpit among other training and reconaissance missions. Will keep you posted if any one is interested. Happy flights 

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Trevor Sexton

on Facebook there is a group Vintage & Classic Light Aircraft post this on there sure there will be a few people interested in this restoration.

It it always exciting to see the restoration of old birds like this one. They had there wonderful great roll in bringing aviation to where it is today. I am sure that flying it, should be a great experience Well done!!.

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