Let's fly IFR

Dominique Roland • 28 March 2019
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This latest episode of Sunny Swift is intended to support easier and safety flying in Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) conditions. 

The cost and time to get a full Instrument Rating is often prohibitive for many General Aviation (GA) pilots.  EASA is simplifying the rules to enable GA pilots to carry out competency based training that focussed on the specific risks associated with flying IFR with single engine and single pilot aircraft. 

Why is this important?  After Loss of Control, collisions with terrain or obstacles are the most common type of fatal accident in GA.  Mid-air collisions are also key risk area for GA accidents.   Many of these accidents are in situations where pilots become disorientated in poor weather conditions.  The better prepared we can be as pilots for flight in IFR conditions the safer we will be!  


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I am very glad EASA chose to grow the IR pilot population and I will be one of those with a BIR (EIR atm). However, it is very important that there will be a simple, tailored bridge course from BIR to the normal IR. Otherwise it will be less attractive to young pilots. Since only the minimums are different there should be a minimalistic course, e.g. a couple hours with IRI and a skill check.

Dominique Roland

Yes Julian, and we are continuously working with OEMs to find a way to approve the installation of less expensive, not TSO'd avionics.

Marc from AVIAZE

Really happy to hear that. IR knowledge provides and extra safety level to any pilot. Before having my IR, I remember I was extremely afraid of fog, clouds, up to a point where I would only fly in CAVOK... Now, although very prudent when planning and flying VFR, I feel I have much more resources that could get me out of an undesired and unexpected situation. Safety First! congrats to EASA, catching up with reality of GA!

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