Lessons Learned - Steep Bank Angle Turning on Final

John FRANKLIN • 4 August 2020
in community General Aviation

With huge thanks to Aviaze we encourage you to watch their lessons learned video to help you learn about the risks of excessive bank angle and changing your plan at the last minute.  


Preparing the approach is vital to landing safely - make a clear plan ahead of time and stick to it as closely as possible unless the situation changes. If things don't look or feel good, then go around and make another approach.

As this video highlights, when you rush into a new plan in the middle of the approach you are asking for trouble. Excessive bank angles and steep turns close to the ground are usually dangerous maneuvers you should never attempt. 

The main lessons learned are: 

  • Don't rush into new decisions, especially during the approach.  
  • Many traffic patterns accidents are due to excessive bank turning on final.
  • Never attempt steep turns close to the ground.

There are of course other lessons you can take from this, what did you learn from this?

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Michel Masson

Makes me think of, and recommend to also referring to:

EASA Sunny Swift episode 23 - Stabilized approaches:

EASA Sunny Swift episodes 4 - Crosswind final turn:

And Synny Swift episode 8 - Impossible turn:

Check out also the EGAST Leaflet GA8 - Stall and spin loss of control:

UK CAA CAP 1942, promoted by GASCo:

And subject-related AOPA material:

Not an exhaustive list, of course: are you aware of other reference material to share?

Best wishes,

Jozef Jankovic

Only correct and always working method is "stabilized approach" - mandatory condition. Any aircraft, any pilot, any situation. If approach is not stabilized - then only correct procedure is "Go Around".
AOA is really huge improvement of course

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