At Last Mode-S Traffic Can Be Displayed with a Bearing

Keith Vinning • 12 June 2019
in community General Aviation

PilotAWare Mode-S/3D

Building on the view that interoperability between all preferred Electronic Conspicuity systems, voluntarily installed,  is key to improving in-flight safety across Europe, PilotAware has announced that they are launching new software that allows all their existing units to plot Mode-S traffic as traffic with a bearing.

Using uplinked MLAT this is a world first innovation that uses the collective power of the community networks provided by the Open Glider Network and 360 RADAR. The new software will be most effective where OGN stations have been upgraded to OGN-R (Re-broadcast) which is predominantly in the UK. However, there are smaller but growing networks in Germany and Italy that are chasing at the tail of their British colleagues.

The power of the 140 stations in the UK, 10 in Germany and 3 in Italy to upload information to in-flight aircraft is not limited to sharing EC information as future innovation will show. For more information see

PilotAware Team