Guide for winter ops (Norwegian version)

Thomas Hytten • 18 November 2019
in community General Aviation

We have updated the winter guide for light aircraft and helicopters. In this edition we specially focus on how to handle and avoid whiteout conditions. This guide includes an online course, pdf and a presentation template.

Guide for winter operations

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Flight Training Europe Jerez

That is a fantastic initiative from the Norwegian CAA! I congratulate you on actually providing a service to the aviation community!
Too bad it's in Norwegian!
Regarding the photo, that seems to be a beautiful R2160i, could you tell me who it belongs to, as we are in a market for one?
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Leander PETIT

Very good initiative! English would be better.
Welcome in the Netherlands (EHHV)

Patrick Lienhart

[~1449] Excellent stuff! Any chance to get an english version?

Thomas Hytten

Hello Patrick. Not at the moment, but maybe we can find a place for this in the safety promotion work through EASA.

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