Getting Ready to Fly

John FRANKLIN • 7 May 2021
in community General Aviation

The challenges of COVID-19 mean that as we look hopefully towards the skies it is likely that many pilots have not flown for quite some time. To help, EASA held a season opener on 28 and 29 April. Below are the key materials from that session.

Initially we just have the main sessions but you will find more specific material broken down into individual topics in the coming weeks. 

The sessions are:

Session 1 - Restarting Safely

All the latest news from EASA and the GA Roadmap, lots of great tips on preparing yourselves and your aircraft for the season ahead with support from our roving news reporters across Europe. 

Session 2 - Coping with Weather

Although summer is just around the corner, the weather in Europe will be as unpredictable as always. This session will highlight the role of instrument flying with all the latest about the Basic Instrument Rating, landing at non-instrument runways and lots more. 

Session 3 - Airworthiness and Maintenance

Maintenance of GA aircraft is a key part of enjoying flying safely - equipment needs to be operating in the best condition if we are going to reduce accidents and save lives. You will learn more about Part M Light, technician licencing, Part 21 Light and CS-STAN.  


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