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John Franklin • 18 February 2020
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Sunny Swift Edition 19 will cover the subject of airspace complexity.  While developing this cartoon we through it would also be useful to provide information on the websites at National Level for flight information and planning resources - this can be found in the attached document, it is not fully complete but will add to that as we get more information from the National Authorities. 

You can also access the Eurocontrol AIS Database at this here - requires creation of a login.  

We also list here the main Apps/ tools available to help with flight planning - if we missed any of them add them in the comments and we will update this article accordingly.  More information about these different Apps are available in the Eurocontrol link here.  



Airnav Pro

Aviamaps - Finland



Flight Planner and Sky-Map


Jeppesen and Foreflight


Open Flight Maps




Skydream Soft






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Jozef Jankovic

Very high quality and online FIS are provided by ANSP of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It is necessary to make registration for everyone to national system separately but services are free of charge, running by ANSP of each country - it means data and information are guaranteed.
Systems have interesting overlap to neighbors, nice feature.

Slovakia: http://aisweb.lps.sk/ixo/login.php
Hungary: https://www.netbriefing.hu/login.php
Poland: https://iwb.pansa.pl/login.php
Some of them have direct access to national AIP as well.
Hungary and Poland have FPL management fully integrated.

There is new Integrated Web Briefing system available for Albania as well. It allows pilots or aircraft operators to submit their own flight plans and other related messages online.

@ John Franklin - you can update data and links as you wrote above.

Thomas Dietrich

Thanks for posting that. It is a shame that AIP in many countried in Europe is not free of charge for private use. Wonder where all the money from the gasoline tax is going to.

Jozef Jankovic

Maybe one more improvement would be suitable...
The link I recommend recently regarding Albania is rather FIS Portal then NAA and ANSP Airspace Infringement Portal(s).

Anton Eiser

The Austrian flightplan filing portal is missing in the PDF and can be found at: https://www.homebriefing.com
It's free of charge and needs registration and includes briefing, weather and AIP access as well as links to AIM products. VFR online chart, VFR reporting points and more.

Juha Lindstedt

Here in Finland we have real-time situation of all airspace data visualized in Aviamaps: https://aviamaps.com/map

Updates all data in every few minutes, parses NOTAMs, combines with supplements and AUP/UUP. ANS Finland verifies the data multiple times a day. Drone pilots get accurate and up-to-minute information where they can or can not fly and how high. They can even announce flying, which is visible to other users.

You can even create OFPs, smart briefings, see weather info, aerial maps, power lines. It converts units to SI units for hobbyists, decodes NOTAMs and METARs, etc etc...

We’d be happy to provide the system in other countries as well, if we can just get the data (AIXM for example).

Contact us: https://aviamaps.com

Daniel Mavrakis

Hello John,
I think it would be great to add the free Airmate app to your list, as it is missing. Airmate is available on iOS, Android with a companion Web tool.

To the difference to most other apps, Airmate has a free social business model, and is providing free of charge to pilots aviation weather, moving aeronautical chart with terrain profile view, ADS-B reception for traffic and weather, NOTAM display, airport charts in Europe and more than 250 countries (VFR and IFR airport charts are georeferenced in USA, France and soon whole Europe), and flight flan filing. No subscription is needed, you need of course to register. Some advanced services such ADS-B reception, AHRS display or flight plan filing are only available from the iOS version of the app, we are working to add them in the Android version.

Airmate services are free, the only paying stuff are optional charts from commercial suppliers (e.g. if you want to purchase VFR airport charts in Germany from DFS) or fling plan filing in Europe where we incur some costs (flight plan filing is free in the USA).

Airmate is now used by more than 70,000 pilots worldwide, a lot of them located in Europe.

More info at: https://www.airmate.aero
Contact us at: airmate@airmate.aero

Jozef Jankovic

Dear friends,
winter here was very weak till now and it looks that heavy aviation season is starting sooner then usually. As you know, we had Aviation Safety workshop here in Slovakia last Saturday.
FlS Information and Flight Planning Resources were very important topics there along with Communication practices and Airspace Design Improvements.
I am just curious if anybody did any trial of above (and below) mentioned home/web briefing systems that are free of charge and managed by ANSP.
Slovakia: http://aisweb.lps.sk/ixo/login.php
Hungary: https://www.netbriefing.hu/login.php
Poland: https://iwb.pansa.pl/login.php
Albania: https://iwbs.albcontrol.al/login.php
Just let me know your opinion.
Thank you

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