FI(s) under LAPL(s) license???

luisferreira • 20 August 2019
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Hello, I am the Head of Training in one DTO for SPL glider pilots license. I wonder if a LAPL(S) pilot, who complain all the requirements, (but is not a SPL), is entitled to obtain an instructor qualification (FIs). In the regulations I don't see any reference to it, so I understand it is possible.

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Jannes Neumann

There is a difference between aeroplanes and sailplanes with regard to the FI prerequisites.
There is no possibility for a LAFI(A) but a LAFI(S) is not excluded.

Hermann Spring

The question is becoming more complex., if you ask for the combination:
1. CPL licence with valid SEP & FI rating (or PPL)
2. LAPL medical only
Does the medical class consider instruction or not?
I believe not, which means once more, that formalites are more important than anything else., or is the combination now valid?

Jannes Neumann

In my humble opinion this is a invalid combination.
Only the future Part-SFCL (sailplanes) will allow to combine a SPL with either a medicals Class 1/2 or LAPL. The privileges will be then the once of the medical. LAPL medical -> sub ICAO, EU countries only; Class 2 medical -> ICAO compliant, international. As said for sailplanes and powered sailplanes only.
I think, there is a discussion that someone does not need to exchange a PPL(A) by a LAPL(A) in case of a LAPL medical, but I don't know how far it is.

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