FCL 055 / and the EU Comission

Thomas Dietrich • 7 December 2019
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No quality control in the EU Comission at all.


With EU VO2019/1747 in power some positive changes to Part FCL were proposed by EASA via an opinion 05/2017 to the EU Commission.  The most important change to FCL055 was, that  the language proficency can be aquired in any EU state. This is the whole idea of the EU.  The Comissin approved  this chance as requested by EASA. However the Comission seems not to have any quality control at all. The change The German translation shows instead of "ANY competent authority" : "THE competent authority". As a result of this mistake being in power, german pilots can only get thir language proficiency in German LTOs.

This change was simply  NOT translated, being the most important change made to FCL055. From submission of the opinion to a faulty translation in 2 years. Well done Commission!

It would be helpful if the translation service of the Comission and the Comission  would have a quality control before the EU puts changes into power. 

To me it looks again, as if somebody in the Comission signed these changes having no idea what he / she / it was signing.




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Tim-Peter Voss

For IR/CPL the German CAA (LBA) is definietly accepting language proficiency certificates from any approved LTO in the EASA member states as long as you provide with your certificate the LTO approval and the acceptance of the examiner(s). I did this last summer without problem. I don´ t know about how the regional authorities handle that for anything up to PPL without IR.

Jyrki Paajanen

Dear Thomas,

thank you for your kind notification. I've asked our translation services to recheck the text and issue a correction as necessary.



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