EASA SIB - Sailplane Rigging - Procedures, Inspections and Training

Jannes Neumann • 30 April 2019
in community General Aviation

Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) - Sailplane Rigging - Procedures, Inspections, and Training

Statistical data and some occurrence reports indicate a number of incidents, which were caused by improper execution of rigging procedures and its subsequent inspection. The SIB provides information about the typical root causes, usual designs of control connections, and the different methods of inspections to be applied by pilots.

The SIB has been developed in response to the safety recommendation 2018-08 of the Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung (BfU). The respective investigation revealed that the aileron control connection was not properly secured. However, the SIB addresses not only this particular case but a number of rigging issues in general.

It is recommended that gliding communities use this SIB to develop training material and sessions on rigging procedures and typical mistakes observed. The material and training should provide a basic understanding of the design of standard connections and their proper operation. Local gliding clubs should provide rigging training tailored to the respective fleet in operation.

EASA SIB 2019-07

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