Double Ifr rating,multi and single pilot,why ?

Renato Cortelletti • 13 July 2018
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Hello to all Pilots, 

I'm use to fly both multi and single  Ifr and  I'm also a Flight Instructor.

What I don't  understand is wky should I have two ifr multi and single ratings?

Years ago when I started to fly it was only one ,the ILS for multi  and single pilot  is still the same ! The only answer I have found to this question is MONEY ! just money, two proficiency test cost more than one ! It's just a matter of business to make money not safety ! 

I'd like with this post to invie Easa to consider who fly Both multi and single ifr with the proficiency check on the multi to renuwal both ratings.

Also to prove this  on the proficency check there's a part called pilot incapacitation, where the remaining pilot should demonstrate the ability in SINGLE PILOT to fly a non precision and a precision approach,a go around and then a land. The Approach must be flown first without autopilot and then with it. For me this is obviously a SINGLE PILOT check !


Renato Cortelletti






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Dominique Roland

Dear Renato,

I guess than more than one pilot is sharing your question... In the context of te GA Roadmap project, we have aleady adressed many issues, but we know that we still have a number of topics like this one to discuss. We are starting an ex-post evaluation of the FCL soon, and this will give use the possibility to review this kind of problem.


Michael Kucher

Dear Renato & Roland,
Please check: Appendix 8 - Cross-crediting of the IR part of a class or type rating proficiency check. That maybe solves partly your concern?

Best regards,

Christian KUCHER

Dear Mr Cortelletti,

as already indicated by Mr Michael Kucher, Appendix 8 to Part-FCL should address your concern, as the requirements contained therein allow, under certain conditions, to revalidate both single-pilot and multi-pilot IR privileges with one proficiency check.

With regard to you second concern I am not sure whether I fully understand your point of concern. However, please consider Part-FCL Appendix 9 Section B point 3(f) which requires an applicant during a proficiency check to both understand and apply "crew coordination and incapacitation procedures, IF APPLICABLE".

We hope this helps.

Best regards
Christian Kucher

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