Do Flight hours in Annex II ( now Annex I ) aircraft count towards EASA PPL revalidation.

Trevor Sexton • 26 November 2018
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Can EASA clarify

Since the New Basic regulation 2018//139 came in there seems to be a number of queries on GA aviation forums.

Do Flight hours in Annex II ( now Annex I ) aircraft count towards EASA PPL revalidation. 

ie say a pilot who mainly flies a Stampe, does the hours flown on this aircraft count towards the pilots 12 hours in the second year. 

If so were is the regulations. 

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redaction aerovfr

IAOPA June 2018 Newsletter :
"Annex II flight time. EASA has now agreed to the use of 'Annex II (a)-(d)' aircraft for training, testing, revalidation and renewal purposes, provided that the NAA issuing the licence, rating or certificate has assessed and approved the aircraft to be used. This amendment will probably appear in the Aircrew Regulation when the Decision following Opinion 05/2017 come into effect".
So good question !

Cristina ANGULO

Dear all,
Some Member States allow crediting of hours flown with Annex I (former Annex II) aircraft but there is legal uncertainty about this practice, this is why EASA has led a Task Force together with the Member States to prepare amendments to Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 and associated acceptable means of compliance (AMC). These amendments will establish the conditions for the crediting of hours flown on certain Annex I – aircraft. This should be discussed during the EASA Committee planned in February 2019

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