Definition of "distance learning" for DTOs

GEORGE KOUMIS • 22 March 2022
in community General Aviation

Hi all,

In the absence of any AMC/GM on DTO.GEN.260 Theoretical knowledge instruction, how do you (or your NAA) interpret the term "distance learning" on paragraph (a)?

Thank you in advance,


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Paul Jones

Hello George,
EASA issued a fairly comprehensive document titled Guidance for Virtual and Distance Learning Issue 5. This gives guidance on the question you ask and the requirements to meet distance and or virtual training.
In addition DCA Cyprus as the NAA issued its own document on this topic which added some requirements over and above EASA requirements example instructors delivering distance learning are to have a twin screen set up. The DCA document is only available on request; they have not published it on their website.
Best regards, Paul

Paul Jones

Page 3 glossary gives a definition of distance learning synchronous and distance learning asynchronous, main body defines requirements to meet these terms.
Regards Paul

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