CS-STAN Issue 3

Jannes Neumann • 26 April 2019
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CS-STAN Issue 3 has been published by EASA

CS-STAN comes in its third edition again with a number of new interesting changes in order to facilitate modifications of GA aircraft.

CS-STAN consists of standard changes and repairs which do not require an additional approval of EASA. Certifying staff and maintenance organisations can use these standard changes and repairs to perform e.g. avionic upgrades or usual repairs.

CS-SC005 of issue 3 enables the data-link between GPS sources and Transponders for the voluntary transmission of ADS-B data. CS-SC035a addresses the installation of solar cells on sailplanes. For the installation of visual awareness lights see CS-SC036a. Another example of the new changes embodied into issue 3 is CS-SC086a for the exchange of a balloon ‘Bottom-End’.

CS-STAN is supported by some AMC material incorporated by the CS itself and by AMC M.A.801 to Part-M. All standard changes and repairs require a release to service by completing the Form 123. When completing the Form 123 the e.g. test or calculations or considerations required by the individual changes or repairs need to be documented and signed off by certifying staff.

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Gerd Scholten

At present I’m developing a simple AOA-indicator-system for use to train a safe AOA-management during winch launches primarily in basic training sailplanes. The intended system needs the pitot pressure for a piezoelectric pressure transducer amongst another pressure which needs a separate special probe.In order to avoid redundant pressure probes I would like to use a junction of the standard pitot system. “The installation of the system neither requires an interface with the pitot-static system nor relies on direct pressure input from the pitot-static system”. Why CS-STAN 215b doesn’t enable this solution although these junctions are also used for final glide calculators (see CS-SC402b) e.g.?

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