Covid-19 - How to prepare the restart of the activity?

Dominique Roland • 14 April 2020
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Dear all,

I start to hear about initiatives taken in our many EU countrires to help piliots and instructors to keep their currency and prepare themselves for the restart of the activity. I create this post in order to give you the possibility to share your initiatives with others.

Stay safe and healthy!


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Juanra Alvarez

Hi Cristina and Dominique. In Spain, AESA published an extension of the validity of licenses but this extension is only applicable for commercial licenses for pilots working for airlines. The 3 most important associations in Spain, AOPA, RACE and AEPAL, have requested measures for general aviation, but have been denied by AESA

Javier Asenjo

Good morning,
The exemption currently published in Spain, as Juanra Alvarez says, is not applicable to general aviation but our Personnel Licensing División is working to publish a new one applicable to general aviation, based on the exemption template recommended by EASA. We hope it will be publish as soon as posible.

Pete Stratten

It's not possible to fly under the UK lock down. However, CAA exemptions provide flexibility around expiry dates of licences and certificates. Hopefully we can find enough previous flight time to hit the FCL recency requirements. National requirements naturally have more flexibility. A key risk is that many pilots have emerged from winter only to find themselves stuck on the ground. Hopefully they will remind themselves of the risks before carefully heading skywards again. There's no reason why that approach plus proactive supervision at clubs for less experienced pilots should not be successful. BGA hazard awareness/risk management for pilots -…


I'm pleased to inform that within the instructors association (ANPI) we organise video conferences for FI and FE intending to refresh disciplines and exchange ideas on Instructors / Students issues in these days.
After a very successful first batch, the second batch of 10 lectures is in progress this week. A risk management flight preparation method is in preparation for the week after, it can be use to rehearse flights at home. . Confinement in France has been extended to mid May, so we have still a lot to do.

Dominique Roland

Pipistrel's contribution to safety and continuous flight training during social isolation times

Pipistrel has decided to provide an open access to all online training materials during the current period of world-wide enforced isolation as a testament and dedication to safety through continuous training and learning. Pipistrel Academy Computer-Based Training Courses are now available free-of-charge to anybody, for three months.
We hope this will motivate non-flying pilots as well as student pilots and flight instructors to stay connected to their passion and learn more every day.
Anybody, whether student pilot, pilot, flight instructor or aviation enthusiast, flying clubs, flight schools can apply and join the online course free-of-charge for a period of 3 months, from April 2020 until end of June 2020. This unique offer is available worldwide to all, including to non-pilots who are interested in aviation.
During the current almost worldwide “lock down” period, the free-of-charge online course will help to refresh and revise the theoretical knowledge required to fly and learn the specifics about modern Pipistrel aircraft series, including the Alpha Electro, the only electric trainer in serial production in the world. The online course gives detailed information and knowledge of different Pipistrel aircraft.
Pipistrel is offering completely free of charge the specially designed and developed Online Training course for the Alpha Trainer UL/LSA/BCAR, the Virus SW UL/LSA, Virus SW121 and the Alpha Electro. Normally the online course fee is 147.30€ for 14-days or €247.30 for Permanent subscription. Courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world, with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Online courses available from today onward, completely free of charge, include:
• Pipistrel ALPHA Electro, the only certified electric training aircraft in serial production anywhere in the world
• Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft in UL/LSA/BCAR configurations
• Pipistrel Virus SW and SWiS in UL/LSA configurations
• Pipistrel Virus SW 121 model, EASA certified
To register and begin learning about Pipistrel aircraft and flying in general, please register for your online course at
Click “Create new account”, follow the registration instructions and select the online course you are interested in by using the Enrolment key: FlyPipistrel
And as the best information is always at the end….
Here it is:
Anyone who successfully finishes an on-line training course will receive a voucher for a free demo flight in one of our aircraft at your closest Pipistrel distributor’s location all over the World, valid until the end of September 2020.
We hope that this Pipistrel’s contribution to the global pilot community will help the pilots to keep safe, remain knowledgeable and invest their time in lockdown during Covid-19 crisis in training, so that they can enjoy flying even more when the current restrictions are eased.
Some interesting links with more information:
• Pipistrel Aircraft company website is
• Pipistrel Online Academy website is
• Pipistrel Electric aircraft information is here…
• Pipistrel UPRT program:
• Pipistrel email:

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