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Air Devil • 5 April 2020
in community General Aviation

I like the initiative from EASA. However GA covers a lot of ground. Is it possible to define which areas you'd like to receive a push mail from?

Or, have an idea in the title about what the new subject is about when it arrives in the in-box? It costs time to open the site, and see if it's relevant for you or not.


Kind regards, Air Devil.

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John Franklin

Hi Air Devil, thanks for the comment. We are working on a major update to Community Site at the moment that will also develop a more structured, open area without need for a password that will serve as our new Safety Promotion Portal.

We will be revisiting the notification system so we can see how to improve this part. Another option might be to provide a Routine Summary email with links to the main things that have happened then you could just read the things that are of interest.

Best Rgds
John from the EASA Safety Promotion Team

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