Change and amendment criteria for aerodrome forecast (TAF)

Elena Beatriz GARCIA SANCHEZ • 20 April 2020
in community General Aviation

Sunny Swift issue 21 highlights how TAFs (Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts) are developed, and when they are amended or not in case of changing predictions.

EASA  has prepared the attached tables, that are aligned with the TAF change criteria in accordance with the Annex V (Part-MET) to Regulation (EU) 2017/373. They can serve pilots as a quick reference guide to the thresholds of TAF change and amendment criteria, for Wind, Visibility, Weather, Cloud and Vertical Visibility in a TAF. Pilots should check the AIP and/or with the Designated MET Service Provider for any deviations to the tables provided.


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redaction aerovfr

VFR student pilots have to use TAF but TAF are only useful for IR pilots...
When the wind direction in the reality can be 50° off the value in the Taf, when 15 Kt of wind can be 24 Kt in fact, when 7000 m visibility can be only 5000 m, where is the safety approach proned by EASA ? Tafs are a systemic threat since many years for VFR GA and nothing is changing...

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