Carriage of ATS flight plan details

Karl Rattassep • 5 August 2019
in community General Aviation

Dear EASA and GA community,

Several private pilots have asked how to follow the implementing rule on the carriage of ATS flight plan details in Part-NCO:

NCO.GEN.135 Documents, manuals and information to be carried
(a)    The following documents, manuals and information shall be carried on each flight as originals or copies unless otherwise specified:
(9)    details of the filed ATS flight plan, if applicable;

From the practical point of view, it’s sometimes quite difficult (or nearly impossible) to carry the ATS flight plan details when you have filed the flight plan from the air via radio, for instance. Also there seems to be not so much value to carry such information on board, because the pilots have filed the flight plan themselves and know exactly what they are doing. Can anybody explain what the purpose of this rule is? How is it implemented in other European countries?

Any comments from your side are welcome.