basic instrument rating

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Michel Rocca

Good news on the BIR.
The text proposed by the Commission has been adopted by the EASA Committee on 23-24 October. This rating will apply from 8 September 2021 and the current EIR will be deted from 8 September 2022.


thanks for your reply! thought it would be implemented earlier thought.

Jyrki Paajanen

That was the original intention, but it turned out that because of the totally new competency-based approach to training, the community needed a bit more time to revise the system, finalise the training requirements and also to "train the trainers". Competency-based training is very flexible and requires a different approach from both the training organisations and the competent authorities. Still worth waiting for, I am sure... :-)

Anker Bensimon

Nice, can't wait, Hope the theory gets to a minimum, there are NO books that helped me when I got into trouble, only what a good instructor taught me :-) PPL 900 Hrs C172

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