Ballon logbook(s) not conform EASA

Martijn Kort • 8 June 2022
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Dear all,

in AMC1 BOP.BAS.065 we can find the requirements for the data that needs to be entered in the balloon logbook. Until now I have only seen 1 logbook (Kubicek) that meets these requirements. Even the new logbooks from other manufacturers that come with a new balloon are not confirming to this part.

Did EASA or anyone reached out to any of the manufacturers?

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Jordi Vives Talló

Since the fields are listed in an AMC, these are not mandatory. Moreover, most of the logbooks have an open field for comments, notes, etc that may embody any necessary information.
Bear also in mind that in many countries (UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden etc) the aircraft logbook is issued/sold by the CAA. So I think it's not a topic for manufacturers.

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