Aviaze Lessons Learned - Mid-air Collision

John FRANKLIN • 27 January 2021
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Thanks to Marc and the team at Aviaze the latest "Lessons Learned" episode covers the subject of mid-air collision. In June 2019, Eight aircraft were participating in an annual charity event at White Waltham Airfield, in the UK. Prior to the aircraft departing, one of the pilots was asked last minute to conduct the briefing to the rest of pilots. He didn’t have time to take avoiding action.

Watch the video, take into account the key points at the bottom and share it with other pilots. Now is a great time to talk about collision avoidance, tell what tools and systems help you to fly safely. 


The key "Lessons Learned" are: 

  • Planning: Good planning is vital to minimise the risk of airborne collision. Consider in advance what traffic you might face during your flight and be prepared. 
  • Equip: Consider equipping yourself/ your aircraft with a tool or system to help with collision avoidance. Technology is making such tools much more accessible for the GA Community. There are various tools and systems you can use without having to install a full TCAS. These include ADS-B and FLARM based systems and others that use smartphone technologies. For example, Aviaze has a new Traffic Awareness feature to "see and be seen" other traffic with Aviaze app transmitting from the smartphone. Sky Demon has a similar feature, Foreflight has an ADS-B option as well and the Open Glider Network (OGN) serves this community as well. There are lots of others - let us know what works for you. 
  • Avoid: Always keep a good look out and maintain a good scan to visually identify other traffic so that you can maintain adequate separation. 


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