Aviaze Lessons Learned - Ditching

John FRANKLIN • 29 September 2020
in community General Aviation

Our latest lessons learned article from Aviaze covers ditching and provides pilots with some useful tips on how to get ready should the worst happen. 


A PPL and a Flight Instructor prepare a familiarization flight on a PA28 in Shoreham Airport, UK, in 2017. He made a MAYDAY transmission, selected two stages of flap and opened the cabin door. Ditching was smooth and they made it out without injuries swimming back to the shore.

Take into account these Lessons Learned and share it with other pilots ?‍✈️ ?‍✈️ 

  1. Undercarriage up and maximum flap is usually the optimum configuration for ditching. 
  2. If swell is small consider ditching headwind. But, if swell is pronounced it is usually better to ditch along the swell to avoid nosing into the water. 
  3. Prepare the cockpit, open the door and brief everyone on the immediate steps after ditching, including yourself. 

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