AMC and GM for Basic Instrument Rating (BIR)

Tom Roeren • 25 October 2020
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Does anyone know the status on the acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM) for the BIR?

I assume the Learning Objectives and Theoretical Knowledge are part of the AMC and GM?

And does anyone know if any publishers have plans for textbooks on the BIR?

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Thomas De Gaulmyn

Very much interested about this topic as well.

I know a ground school in France who said after revising their curriculum with the new LO of the usual Atpl theory etc., they will work on the BIR.

Looking forward for the details of the BIR, we are looking at developing a course at our Airclub.


The AMC and GM is going through final review at the moment and will be published soon. We will share it on the GA Community Site and the EASA Website as soon as its available.

Erlend Vaage

Thanks, but I'm confused. In which document? The LOs in the latest FCL (easy access rules) does not contain a column for the BIR, only CB-IR/EIR. Is it perhaps the same theory?

Lars-Henrik Eriksson

[~67]: Page 2 in the document refers to a table with the LO's, but there is no such table. From what I've heard from people involved with the process, the LO table was accidentally omitted. So we have to wait for the LOs until the document is updated.

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