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John Franklin • 27 November 2023
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On 22 November 2023, there was the 6th European Airshow Regulators Meeting (EARM). This provides a great opportunity to share the latest discussions and information about Airshow safety. Any authorities interested to join the EARM should contact the organising team or EASA GA Team. 

About the EARM

EARM provides a platform to share experience, exchange views and expertise, as well as to discuss regulatory issues and chances to harmonise the regulatory framework in Europe. It also has the goal to promote safety and excellence at airshows. The first presentation in the PDF attached provides more information about the authorities and organisations involved. 

Latest Updates and Discussion

  • Flying commercial aircraft at Airshows: The second presentation in the PDF attached is from Helvetic Airways and shows how they integrate the risks of airshow flying in their management system to ensure maximum safety. 
  • Airshow Updates from Spain, Poland and UK: Slides 18 to 38 of the first presentation with lessons learned and information on safety challenges identified. 
  • Incident Overview: Slide 39.
  • Environmental Aspects of Airshows : Slides 40 and 41. 

Next Steps in Airshow Safety

EASA is updating the guidance on airshow safety please forward any comments or questions to



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