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Andrej Zelem • 20 August 2019
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Dear all, I would like to ask you for help. I am chief instructor and aerobatic instructor at DTO. We have got aerobatic training at school. However I have multiple requirements for official ACR trainings on YK52 for owners (!). I am experienced on YK52 with experiencess as FI as well. 

Question is, how to officialy get this type under DTO for ACR training. It is non-EASA type acc Anexx II.

Once again exusivly for owners, not offered as public training. The owners of YK’s logically would like to get training on plane what thay are using and know.

Any legislative legal solution for this kind of aerobatic training under EASA?

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Dominique Roland

Dear Andrej,

Part-ORA and Part-DTO will soon be updated to allow the use of certain types of Annex I aircraft (historic, experimental, amateur-built, ex-military) to be used for Part-FCL training, provided that the aircraft has been evaluated to be adequate for the intended training purpose and the ATO or the DTO has received an authorisation to use that aircraft from the competent authority.

These updates to Part-ORA and Part-DTO have been positively voted in June 2019 in the EASA Committee, and we expect the amending regulation to be published within the next weeks. In parallel, EASA is finalising the corresponding update of AMC/GM which will include further details on the Annex I aircraft authorisation process.

This should answer your question.

Best regards,


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