Advice on Disinfecting GA Aircraft

John Franklin • 14 April 2020
in community General Aviation

While there is not a lot of GA flying going on at the moment, we know that there are various initiatives involving GA pilots flying medics and equipment around different countries.  To help these pilots and supporting people stay safe the Norwegian CAA created this excellent guide on disinfecting GA aircraft. 

GAMA have also collected more detailed information from specific manufacturers.  


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Andrea Strata

Mr. Franklin, do you know if EASA will adopt this in is rules for the duration of COVID disease? Like all FI i have direct involvement on safety check when we will fly again after this emergency. Thank you.

John Franklin

Not specifically in rules but more as good practice. We are also developing other information/ checklists to help as more people start flying again. If there is anything specific that you would like information on let us know in the comments.

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